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traveling through tragedy

The Hirn Brothers

Our family would never be the same without Ryan.  We were broken, but we would never be broken apart. Adaptability is crucial, and usually not the mountain you choose to climb when you’ve experienced such a tragic loss.  But overcomers climb.  The Hirn family was determined to overcome their grief by celebrating the life they have and the world GOD gave them.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” 

Dr. Seuss

Never let the things you want

make you

forget the things you have” 

Roald Dahl

Find a sense of purpose.

Eliminate excuses.

Be willing to get a little dirty.

Choose something larger

than you.

Take the time you need to heal


"You have BRAINS in your HEAD and FEET in your SHOES

you can STEER yourself any DIRECTION  you CHOOSE"  Dr Seuss


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