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Loss – How would we ever get past the grief?


Helicopter Parents – we found ourselves hovering over Ryan’s brothers, protecting them from life.


The Pact– We changed our strategy.  Ron and I became determined to give our boys the adventure of travel, just as we had done with Ryan.  We gave each other time with our boys.  Lots of it!


Ryan’s backpack – We took turns carrying Ryan’s favorite backpack, as we discovered the world God had given us.


Our Backpack – The television series shares our story of adventure toward restoration.  This was no vacation! We taught our boys the value of life, acceptance, respect and interaction with other cultures. We laughed.  We cried.  We learned.  We taught.  We tolerated.  We rejoiced.


Your Backpack – Fill it with memories. Take “Adventures” instead of “Vacations”.  “I wish I had” can only be replaced by the words: “I’m glad I did”..


Follow our story.  Begin planning for your family. 


Share your stories of unique travel adventures with us. Tell us how you worked your way through loss.

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