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"inside all of us is HOPE

inside all of us is FEAR

inside all of us is ADVENTURE

inside all of us is A WILD THING"



"He shared his life with us 7 years and 10 days, and left us within a half hour of the time he was born."  ​

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                                                   by Dawn Hirn


There is no order to grief.  Seven steps do not make the trip easier, nor do they come in any order.  There is no time element involved.  You may skip over one step only to land hard on another, and stay there for way too long.  When you suffer a loss, you recognize the reactions: Denial, Blame, Anger, and Depression.  But you cannot imagine ever coming to the final stage of Acceptance.  If you'd like to receive Dawn's e-book "Seven Stages of Grief", we'd be happy to send one your way.   

Seven Steps from Grief
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