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Dawn's Travel Tips

Before you go on a family adventure, here are some of my tips: 


Be prepared. 

George Washington said: “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace”.  Some days family life seems like a war!  Preparation helped preserve peace on this trip  –  not in  every case,

but Ron and I were able to use our powers of prediction to trim back some battles brewing among the troops.


Travel Lite.  One carry-on per person and one large family pack!


ER Rations and Stuff  

A Day Pack filled with essentials is important:  in ours I carried snacks, peanut butter, nuts, water, lemon packs, eating utensils, paper, anti-bacterial soap and wipes and of course,  always – a ball! 


911 Prep   Bring the medicines you might need from home:

Leave nothing to chance.


Plan B

Plan A is to stay together.  Make sure everyone understands Plan B.

Agree on a meeting place just in case someone wanders off or gets lost.



The Hirn Family has one thing in common; the name.  Like your family,

we each have different likes, dislikes, opinions, agendas and tastes. 

Know in advance there will be arguments, disagreements, hunger and  

comfort issues, and exhaustion.  It’s what makes the adventure so . . . . adventurous! 


Don’t forget  the purpose of your trip.  Discover the world through the experiences of your child.  Stand back and let them explore.  Keep focused on your flock but let the herd graze.


I’ll soon be offering my free e-book, Dawn’s Travel Tips

Love to send you a copy.    Email me at


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